Brilliant New Writing

An intricately constructed, rich meditation on vanity, mortality and sex.
★★★★ The Stage

Classic Plays Reimagined

Visually intoxicating… slapstick tinged with genius.
★★★★★ The Guardian

Metatheatrical Puzzles

Exhilarating, moving and slick… a real highlight of the theatrcial year.

Spectacular Student Shows

As accomplished a piece of storytelling as you could hope to see.
★★★★★ The Stage

International Adventures

A dark, beautiful adaptation, noteworthy for its exceptional performances.
★★★★★ TCS

Jewish Stories, Old and New

Handled with something close to brilliance.
★★★★★ The Times

Audience Fun

Audacious work, delivered with aplomb.
★★★★ Time Out

Hello and welcome

I am a London-based, internationally-minded, award-winning freelance director, writer and teacher. Since graduating from Andamio 90 Theatre School in Argentina, Cambridge University and École Jacques Lecoq in Paris, I’ve worked professionally for the past 18 years all across the UK and all over the globe.

As well as my freelance career, I am the artistic director of Tangram Theatre Company and I was the founding artistic director of CASA Latin American Theatre Festival which I ran between 2007 and 2019.

As a director, I’m drawn to international stories, metatheatrical puzzles, storytelling, Jewish themes and scientific ideas. As a collaborative artist, I love to work on new plays with living writers as well as working with fellow makers to reimagine classic plays for today.

I love being in a rehearsal room, whether I’m working with a big ensemble or with a solo performer, with professional artists or with students, whether I’m working in English or, whenever I can, in other languages.

As a writer, I’m exploring multiple mediums at the moment, from original stage plays to feature film scripts and everything in between, while continuing to work on various translations and adaptations.

And more than anything, I’m interested in making work that tackles big ideas and big questions in order to reflect the world we live in that crosses boundaries, geographical and linguistic, fictional and factual, historical and futuristic, utopian and dystopian, and work that blurs the lines between artists and audience.

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